Mission Statement

Written by: T.L. Drover

What does it mean

‘inherit the world’

To receive on a silver platter

Our parent’s throwaways

Mountains of Styrofoam

Drenched with acid rain

Soon the only trees will be

On display in glass cases

‘Take this world and make it better’

They throw us the torch

But the flame is gone

Already extinguished

They want us to revolutionize 

To recreate the fervor or the sixties

But don’t they realize –

We are the same as them.

We will smoke ourselves

Into a stupor

We will lose our 

Youthful optimism

And sell out, drive miatas

Look to our children

As a means to our salvation

How can you change a world

Caught in a cycle of 

Vision fading into desire

It is an impossible challenge

To slow the disintegration of 

Our revolving orb – 

To make the world a better place, 

For our children,


I am full of youth and vigor

I have boundless, groundless faith

I will take up the torch 

And relight it

I will finish what I start.

Death will be the only obstacle 

I will not overcome.