Remember the First Time

Written by: Oscar Mascarenhas

For Joe Flach's contest

Remember the first time
our eyes met
I couldn't help but see
your graceful face,
I wanted to ask
if you were from heaven
But I was squandered
from nine to eleven.

Remember the first time
we held hands
The touch of your palm
was enough to excite me,
Lost and found
the feeling was alive
I bet you witnessed
what I describe.

Remember the first time
I kissed you
Time went flying,
Our lips were sore,
Kiss and tell they say
I was so sure
It was you, yes you
Whom I was searching for

And then.....

It was the first time
we made love,
I caressed your body
your angelic skin,
I held you so gently
your eyes lost in mine,
I held you so closely
our love lost in time.

I was inspired to write this piece from my poem "ANGEL"