Written by: Anthony Nutter

A.W. Nutter

To many voices inside my head
Each one vying for recognition
Toward insanity I’m being led
Normality forced into remission

A child screams out in his agony
Suffering at the hands of the beast
Innocence destroyed aggressively
Lamb, the main course at the feast

An angry teen searching for love
Finds a young girl full of empathy
Their child is taken by God above
The teen screams out in his agony

Trying to survive a politicians war
As I look at my hands so bloody
Friends dying, demanding more
As my spirit screams out in agony

My time in hell I can easily trace
Life's journey has never been kind
Past memories wishing to embrace
The final vestibules of my mind

The love of my life is my buoy
Guiding me away from the pain
Keeping me anchored in reality
The demons efforts made in vain