Written by: simone segal


Our parents our schools, society,

We have grown up with them telling us who we should be,

Your Religion your culture, all the way through,

Without all that input, who is it in you?

Who is it you’ll follow, like sheep till the end

For it’s a new fashion, a massive new trend!

To THINK for oneself, BE who YOU really are

When you can find YOU, you’ll transcend really far

Don’t listen to rumours, they fill you with doubt

Find out the truth, of what your life’s about!

You can only do this, by following your dreams

Don’t fall down with knock backs, as hard as that seems

Believe in yourself, and follow your goals

To get to the top, you will fall down some holes

But don’t be discouraged, see yourself through

Rise to the TOP! And find the YOU that’s In YOU!!!!