Written by: simone segal


Our philosophies are different, yet people are the same

Where you end up in your life, is how you play life’s game

What is it you think about?  What do you visualise?

What you are visualising, should be no big surprise!

What should be common knowledge, only few have known

Listen to your inner self and let the truth be shown

We Become What We Think About

What if this is true?

The only way you’ll ever know is try it, yes try it, I mean you!

What ever you may think about, be it good or be it bad

Will determine your future days, meaning happy, meaning sad

What if you believe in this?

What if this is true?

What if its reality, what will you do?

What if you would try it? Give it all you’ve got!

That’s the only way you’ll ever know, of what it is in WHAT!!!!.