Gulf Oil Spill

Written by: Nicole King

Welcome. My name is Pipe.
I am no longer fragile, but broken.
Gulf of Mexico, say hello to the oil,
You know, the stuff pouring out of me?
I’m truly sorry I have hurt you,
I’ve destroyed so much,
But the pressure was too high,
There was nothing they could do,
And I broke into an infinite amount of damage.
An explosion that shall truly change history.
Death to marine organisms everywhere,
Destruction in many aspects.
Tears keep falling; visible tears.
My tears don’t blend into the water.
They are covered in oil, black and sticky.
Dip your hand in, and it won’t come out pretty.
Apologetic more than ever am I.
Those humans whom stand up on shore,
Have attempted many trials to stop me.
I am in belief that they’ve only made it worse.
So here I lye, crying more than ever.
I’m just waiting for every drop of oil to spill,
So I no longer have to cry anymore.
Though by then, it’d be too late,
And I’d still die inside, nothing left of me.