A Battered Woman

Written by: Steven Siegel

            A Battered Woman 
When God made woman, he gave her one of 
mans ribs which made her part of him in spirit
and soul. So men you are to be as kind to your
wife as yourselves because they are part of you.
If you are beating on your wife, then what will 
she have to give you in return? When you change 
her character you’ll no longer have the wife you 
married. Does that still make you feel like a man?
You men, you know who I am talking about, the 
ones who never hit but use words to do their dirty 
work for them. They’re just as vicious as their foil, 
only they dig deeper and are much more hurtful.
Yep, these guys go where none has gone before they’ll 
destroy her families cause they’ve got to keep her from 
them; he’s done his evil by calling her all types of angry 
names and tearing her down in front of their friends.
He’ll leave scars that run deeper in her which might 
take an entire lifetime to heal ... Since these guys have 
done their worst;  now it is our turn, we’ll with patience
and understanding will try to help repair the damage done …..
Then we’ll reap the benefit of having a most
loving heart-filled woman melting into our caring 
and loving hands. All because one man did not 
take care of his most prized treasure, his wife…

Steve L. Siegel
May 16, 2010