Come Back Home!.

Written by: Ba'tunde O Ajayi

Come on home babe
Come, come back baby
Come back my sweet love
Come, the home is for you
Come, to stay in my heart.

Come and dwell in forever
Come now, don't make me cry,
Come and wipe the tears, save me now,
Come and go shine your light
Come, in your smile I found my life.

Come back home,
Come, my only love, I'm sick of weeping
Come, my Cat and Rat reminisces your sexy hugs,
Come love, my mouse and mouse misses you,
Come back, without you I'd die tomorrow.

Come back for real,
Come 'cause I love you now and then forever
Come back home, without you
Come back into my life my sleepless nights
Come back mounts like mount Everest,
Come back my one and only love.