A New Breed…

Written by: Steven Siegel

 A New Breed…
      ~ + ~ 
Some flew jets fast and low. 
Some flew bombers,
high and out of sight of everybody.
But were those 
who flew the Huey gun-ships our heroes.
We had those who were to come to our aid 
who were called dust-off’s, 
but like so often 
things don’t always work out as they should, 
get a hot LZ (landing zone) no bird for you.
It was on Nov of 65 a battle for us had started 
that we thought was going to be our end.
The battle happened so fast the command did not
have time to even give it a name. 
So they just called it X-Ray.
The fighting was so bad that the commander
had told all the helicopters to stand clear,
because of the hostile gunfire.
but one chose to stand by. At first by himself, 
than our other gun-ships joined with him in the battle
and picking up our wounded.
But not the dust off’s.
He kept rearming himself
with all the water and ammo; 
all that he could carry.
After shooting up his rockets and ammo; 
he would land, all while getting shot at unloading,
picking up our wounded and dead, 
taking them to Mash Unit, and doing
that over and over again. 
Eight times while being wounded himself four times.
Yes, my pilot was a hero. 
He won our Country’s 
highest honor, The Medal Of Honor.  
I am proud to have served with him
Captain Ed Freeman  R.I. P.
and such a great group of men. 
As the men of 1st Cavalry Division 7Br 2B C Troop.
Steven L Siegel  
Monday, May 31, 2010