Schizophrenic World

Written by: Andi Abderrahmane

Wonderful Anthems
Here and there into symphonies weaving
Words, panegyric words, inebriating
Nations everywhere each with glory beatifying
Faith, love, courage beautifully praising
Ethics, peace and hope in every song, exhilarating
Unity all are calling; freedom dearly holding
Life, shelter, chastity, wonders everyone offering
So many egos awry inflating

Schizophrenic world
Schizophrenic world we are building

False most hymns are sounding
Dissonant words travel to hearing
Peoples slowly, painfully dying
Hunger, famine more land gaining
Casus bellis easily finding
Exclusion, hatred everywhere disseminating
Extolled virtues nowhere, any longer existing
Human fresh flesh cheaply exposing
Scavengers we are all turning

Schizophrenic world
Schizophrenic world we are all building.