I Cry

Written by: Nicole King

I cry when I’m lonely inside,
I cry ‘cause I die.
On the inside I cry like the rain from the sky.
I cry because everybody is hurting inside.
When the tears start to dry,
I begin to reapply,
And again, I just cry.
I’ll cry for that high school guy,
The one who’s too shy,
To become bold and try,
And speak and defy,
The usual way he dies inside.
The girl who can’t say goodbye,
To the one who makes her cry.
The “love” that will cheat and tell a lie.
So we all know I cry,
And we all know I die.
So please tell me why,
Why won’t this world untie,
The wrong doings hereby.
What will you do when I cry,
Simply because you all commit suicide?