Written by: kelechi Emeaba

In what ways would self-  help guide quod erat 
demostrandum,  An outcast in renowned manor, rarely given 
a libate to quodlibets own existence, stuck up in fictitious lands of historic romance,Behind the fecundity and its 
uberous,In ambience of nature endowed with whole lots of nacre,All in worth of many return,
went singeing about the 
ambuscade,Like a sheep without a shepherd Miswent choice and settled as mendicant ;Even so the local tribesmen couldn’t own up to our sleeves. but to unborn I were let to toe same path, shouldn't we put up symptom in quantum, Rhine wine made from grapes only 
grown in Rhine valley, For we have lost it’s more than it can be desire  revindication would called upon Never heed or suborn again unto an evil courting would In spite seemed 
sac’ less in mind of that we knew nothing about shall often times chew all for the fat, the rag on our primogenital 
infractions Before own very machismo Cause it becomes a trounce very unremitted the moment we chattered and dash 
against mankind,Neither will I keep at bay Nor liege to the league For a day shall have reveille before our rivalry and lief shall be us on evince
Secede from our senile