Paradise Lost

Written by: Rebecca Machalek

Paradise Lost

Our souls unite, with our ribs.
You are man, I am Eve.
I crave you.
You make me sick.

No - stop. I will not give in.
The power play is useless. 
I refuse to be the servant.

You act like this is charity.
Like time with me, is a gift for the needy.
Walk away, I pave the road before you.
This silly girl, is adored.

Somewhere is the soul who finds me,
Wife material, who will stand by.
While you display your David ways.
You play your harp, I sing your praise.

It has ended. We are Revelation.
The final book has been written.
Here's your sermon.
You lost the right to live in Eden.

Serpents coil at your feet, whisper in your ear,
you listen to the enemy.
Though love stands so near.
Though it settles as a kiss on your brow. 
You betrayed me Judas.