Dark Red

Written by: Grace EunSong Lee

This morning I opened my eyes to murderous sunset
and watched my family pass through a column of fire
that swallowed them, poisoned them, 
and sent them drifting up toward the heavens
like injured kites. I did not understand. 

They say something has come loose
something sealed leaked 
or something blocked exploded
and something terrible spilt in fumes
One by one they are all leaving. 

The sea is bleeding ugly brown 
an unworthy color thick with no feeling
I wonder if up in the heavens the unleashed kites
have been torn apart and dissected 
or if those watery clouds have concealed them.

My scales are shaking; my eyes are blurred
the nightmare has been choking me
in such times as I drift, I glance at the towering red,
trying to remember those it had burned and blinded
But when I look back ahead all I see is darkness.


FYI: This poem was written from the perspective of a fish living in the gulf waters.