Written by: Alan Reed

I stood there half broken and sated with tears 
On burnt Ivory sticks made black over years 
This was the site of just one battle 
Slaughtered they were but unlike our cattle 

Nairobi was said to have stunted the trade 
What an awful spot this picture had made 
Where the proboscides were herded 
And all ultimately murdered 

They screamed as they bled 
Each driven nails in its head 
Their faces scythed to pieces 
Tusks torn out and it in no way ceases 

CITES was created to protect the creature 
Initially winning was its popular feature 
Over one million strong and starting to increase 
Then the institution malformed to keeping international peace 

China was conferred a thousand tons of this gold 
Greed is the reason - just now we are told? 
Here we sit and greater moves the poaching 
Little we knew that the governments were coaching 

The African genus is known by its ears 
The continent it forms for thousands of years 
From the Rock of Gibraltar to the cape of all fears 
The generally docile beasts are truly our dears 

A variety of feelings including grief 
Elephants think much as we I can brief 
They appreciate art and equally all mothering 
And the Ivory War has become all but smothering 

Compassion and self awareness they feel 
Humans they aren’t but what they think is real 

My God lets wake up.