His Gift

Written by: Jared Pickett

Before you wrote that poem for me I thought I was content being single.... Now, I yearn
for your affection, yearn to make you happy, strive to make you mine..... I don't want
your thoughts to be about anything but me until we meet and beyond.... I yearn to be that
man that has been in your dreams, I WANT YOU...... Not only in body baby but to grow with
me, to love this man until death do us part..... I have been lazily looking for love not
knowing I would find your affections here on PS. I knew that I was drawn here for a
purpose other than my poetry...... I was drawn here for you to find me..... God has given
you this chance at love my dear, don't smack his hand away.... I may not repent my sins, I
may not be active in the preachings of our lord and savior, but he loves me just as
much.... He wants to see me happy, wants you to find true love.... I am his gift to you
boo..... I truly believe that.........

Jared Pickett