Freedom to Grow Medical Marijuana

Written by: Michael Jordan

Far as the Politics and this is my voice
Medical Marijuana is the right choice 

Even though that road is no longer for me
It serves a purpose and that’s clear to see

Convicts are growers as it thins out the pen
Offering the players a game they can win

It’s true; home invasions may be on the rise
As smoke from the pot fills up our skies

Children of growers will grow up and use
Trying hard to fill up their parent’s shoes

We work, pay taxes, they rake in the cash
Everybody’s looking for some kind of stash

My stash is my daughter she is also my pride
From her there are no actions I would ever hide

There are two little feet that are following me
Eyes as beautiful and innocent as two eyes can be

Those eyes look at me like I’m Robert De Niro
I’m not just her daddy I’m that little girls hero

Because, I made the changes a man makes in life
I made them for my children and also my wife

I’m at the top of my class and like it or not
I wouldn’t be here, sitting around smoking pot

The Lord is my Shepherd my wife is my friend
Each lets me know there are rules I can’t bend

I talked it over with the Lord and my wife
Everything bad comes with that way life

We no longer choose to wear addicts shoes
But you be our guest go right ahead and use

I bear no animosity I will hold no grudge
I may be a Christian but I am no Judge

Aside from all the Politics this is my voice
I know growing pot is not the right choice

Medical Marijuana is an issue that I have
friends on each side of the table. I think
each side has many valid points. i think
it's an issue that will never be resolved
because the two sides see things very
differently. I have far to much to live 
for to sit around high. But then again,
who am I to judge.