Written by: Andi Abderrahmane

Vast skies, the tiny drop’s soul now ascending
Dying, to heaven helplessly heading
On the ground,a corps, dried, into vapor turning.
Hard-hearted heat, its flesh mercilessly still biting.

A condoling cloud the driblet’s life saving
Caring,on its back with compassion carrying
Fleshier, stouter ,stronger everyday growing
Looking down revenge on earthlings swearing.

The driblet, now a monstrous Armada proudly  admiring
Ruthless mercenaries from all lands continuously levying
A rumbling cloud to the battlefield majestically riding
Over the village endlessly roaming, the enemy feverishly skulking.

Thick icy  mist from above came down swirling
To their nests alarmed birds hurriedly sending
Silence the defenceless, scared village invading
Dribs in thundering rage down their whole selves hurling

Roads, paths, streams every means taking
To the big river in floods ,All hankering
There, the driblet its pongos eagerly waiting
A demonic, resentful revenge that night caballing

Into a cruel monster, the river now swelling
Silently around the village sneaking
Leaves in trees rustling, doors suddenly creaking
The bugle then reached the villager’s hearing

Dayspring, cadaverous,pale faces in icy waters wading.
Behind , carrion, felled homes  leaving.
Cherubs in shivering, sapless hands carrying.
Warmth, a dry offered hand seeking.