Who Should We Blame

Written by: Ray Dillard

Soccer moms need gas each day 
To move their vans along the way.

How can a jet leave contrail lines
Without the fuel to fly so high?

Little did the Ford man know
How fast the number of cars would grow.

750 million today
To double in 30 years they say.

This thirsty world requires a drink
350 million barrels per month, I think.

So when an oil spill makes us mad,
When oil stained beaches make us sad,

We shouldn't blame the companies
That try so hard to meet our needs.

Or curse our government and president,
When we see where the spilled oil went.

They'll work together best they can,
New laws and money to clean the sand.

New technology will be invented
To contain the leaks when they are vented.

If you look for whom to blame,
His name and yours may be the same.