You Are No One - E

Written by: Emm 'n Ashe Lemons

You can give it your all 
try and look strong and tall
but know that people who look too high up
will trip, and always fall
You can try and walk with grace
but your efforts go to waste
You've got no style, no taste
with only hate to embrace
You've got a smile on your face
You've got big dreams to chase 
but in the end your running to failure
and all that we'll remember is your remainder
You'll be reminded of the truth you didnt say
and hell's path will start to reveal its way
so better get down on your knees pray.
yeh, i can tell your future 
cause ive seen it all before
people who try
 to make it
but never reach fate's door
take this advice from me 
stop trying to jump and reach the sky
you'll only fall back down 
cause You were never meant to fly