Take Heed - A

Written by: Emm 'n Ashe Lemons

Don't be fooled by her innocent eyes
She's a devil in disguise
Weaving a web of falsehood and lies
There's evil hidden behind those innocent eyes

Don’t underestimate her power
There are thorns that hide beneath that flower
Loosen your guard and that will be the hour
You fall, fail, submit, and cower

Do not think her timid, do not think her shy
Beware, my friend, for she is sly 
She has no friend, no ally
All pawns in her game, no matter how they deny

Do not let her cast her spell
Once under her control, you can never rebel
Once under her control, there you will forever dwell
She will give you horror, show you hell

Do not be seduced by her smile so sweet
Behind the mask lies deceit
Be discreet, or she will snare you, as you run, hide, retreat
Heed my warning, and my mistake don’t repeat