my struggle

Written by: trina aiken

You say I haven’t struggled
But yet you don’t know
Of the life I’ve lived 
The things I’ve done 
And the scars I wear

My life’s been full 
Of struggles
My life’s been like a roller coaster 
My life been full of pain

Life has eaten me
And spite me back out
But yet you say I’m 
To “young” to know 

What it really means to struggle
Have you walked in my shoes?
Have you lived my 
Life for a day 

Have you done the things? 
I’ve done my whole life
You say I haven’t struggled but 
I’ll tell you this

Life alone is a struggle 
So before you criticize  
My life and pains and 
Say what I have and haven’t done 

Let me ask you 
Have you really struggled?