Written by: Carolyn Henderson

Dreaming of dessert that’s mighty fine?
Something rich, creamy, lusciously devine?
Not many desserts would I dare refuse,
but, carrot cake, aah, I will always choose.

My lips smack on that delectable treat,
my hips expand  three inches in a week.
That’s why I watch my caloric intake,
to keep my body at a desirable weight. 

But my carrot cake should I bake,
I may lie about the true intake.
All that frosting atop that cake--
temptation's too great to alleviate.

Confectioners sugar, cream cheese and butter,
add pecans; now that’s a booger!
Cake layers thinner, more icing to cover, 
stacking them high one on another.

I shred my carrots really fine,
stirring and mixing to thoroughly combine;
pour in pan, await oven's chime;
closer now to lip-smacking time!

Won 3rd place in Linda-Marie Bariana's 
       "Dreamy Desserts" Contest
       June 6, 2010