Back to Eden—Stimulating

Written by: Joseph Spence Sr

Temperately cooled shade 
From Cedar trees off the 
Coast of Lebanon
Shielded our state of 
Nudity.  Sincerely we
Speculated; as I wonderfully 
Whispered in her esthetic ears: 
"Eve my emphatically enlightened, 
This garden is stimulating 
Like paradise." As
Sweet musical rapture 
Soothed our souring 
Souls from melodious 
Harps of grander, 
She warmly whispered, 
"Just let your tantalizingly 
Soft sizzling fingers 
Entwined with the 
Hair curling on the back of 
My warm neck, 
While I taste your lips" 
Splendidly we sipped warned 
Warbler feathered wine  
From Macedonia’s vine, as 
Our bodies tingled
With rapture for—the
Honey to come…


Dedicated to LMB and all the Eves in the contest.
Mar sin leat!

9th Place Winner
Adam in Eden Contest
Sponsored by Linda-Marie Bariana