Oops in the Garden

Written by: William Kershaw

For the love of God Evie,
Please give it a rest,
After last night you should know,
That I love you the best.

That Lilith thing I had,
Was ages ago
And no apples got eaten,
As I'm sure you must know.

Because you bit it first,
Then you gave me a bite,
And Then I jumped your bones,
For the rest of the night.

That evil old Snake,
Guess he wasn't so bad,
Though it's his fault we did it,
I feel kinda glad.

'Cause here in the garden,
It's really been swell,
But to be loved by you,
Was worth risking Hell.

So quit weeping old girl,
For your virginity's loss,
We both gotta Figure,
What we'll tell the Boss.

Now another day's dawning,
Please Honey don't cry,
Let me lay here and admire,
The curve of your thigh.

What's been done is done,
Our Sin can't be reversed,
Our prayers and apologies,
All sound rehearsed.

But if we're to be punished,
By our Master above,
I'll face it enraptured,
To have tasted your love.