Written by: June Fone

Slowly, night melts into dawn, and then,
the fairies, dancing through the wooded glen,
go to their beds, to sleep the day away,
so they can spend the darkest hours at play,
you laugh, dear friend, I wonder that you dare,
for tis the truth I speak of this I swear,

Pray what is that you say?, you have not seen,
king Oberon, and his enchanting queen!
Then, do not tarry, while the stars are bright,
and sleep not, for upon this very night,
the royal pair,and subjects one and all,
prepare for yet another midnight ball,

Beware though friend, allow me to be clear,
the mind may find such visions hard to bear
but believe, and fear not, for magic, looked upon
will stay with you forever, long after "they" are gone,
In knowledge of this truth, my wisdom's grown,
as has my gratitude for being shown!