Slammed out Bam

Written by: SKAT A

Slammed  out  Bam

For a moment I will fantasize 
Lead him  on a trip
Make him realize 
this is more than a strip
boy you got to recognize
you have to get a grip
We play a game of spin the bottle
With you my guts slowly drip
Kiss me I (ain't) your average model
over the edge I rip
Look who's playing the sensitive

Take me in your arms 
Fold me like a blanket
Kiss me you fool
Spread me like a blanket
Stop teasing, no need to be pleasing
You got it all wrong
turn down that song
Suddenly your taking your time
Are you okay, are you fine
All the motions are sinking in deep

I can feel it
A bowel movement traveling all up inside
Violently pushing "get out of my way!!"
to many butterflies, what can I say
you took to long
Now it feels wrong
Just shake it off
I want my dignity back 
I've tighten my muscles
forget about the snack
To late, it already died
Tomorrow neighbor a game  of truth or dare
We can  enjoy a second  ride
Do not come with directions or affections
Or you'll get another rejection
A cold shower my friend
It's time for me to go back to my husband.