Blind Faith

Written by: Michael Jordan

Within my soul the darkest of places
Locked up inside of these tiny places

Sitting on the toilet to eat at the table 
Another animal sitting in his stable

Years away from being set free
All I have left is my pen and me

With pen in hand I start to write
Can a convict change his plight?

I shall become, “The mustard seed”
Can my faith become all I need?

I write of joy as well as love
From my cell I become a dove

Though my cell is cold and gray
Through my pen I shall sail away

Across skies clear and blue
I’m as free as any of you

Freedom is a frame of mind
Through my faith I am blind

Through blind eyes I can see
Accepting Christ has set me free

I missed the contest but that
doesn't matter. The message
is the same. Blind faith is a
wonderful gift I received in
the darkest of places. Since
that day my life has never
been the same. I ride my
faith like a surfer rides a
wave. God Bless, mj