The Theme Is .....

Written by: Sue Mason

A spirit who had the sense
to want a human experience.

So, growing through earth days
she walks a thin line always

between heaven and hell
and oh my, she's survived very well !!

Survived and continues to grow,
an artist blessed, always curious to know

this earth's history and mystery, philosophies
never to shut down in a freeze

of close-minded ways.
She is a teacher and student all her days.

A woman of passion and serenity
living with purpose in sobriety.

Carrying a recovery message to all
graced to help others not to fall

into dark addictions so fear-driven
but to give Hope like she was given.

Faith in myself this She that I am,
a work in progress to the very end.

~~~~~        ..... Who Is Sue?  
 ~~~~ Theme for A Rambling Poet's contest