Brim Your Minds Cup

Written by: simone segal

Up and down High and low

Feeling good,  feeling bad ,Your energy flow

Where are you going,  Do you know?

You have the power , You have the control

To steer your thoughts and feelings  ,To reach all your goals

This is the way,  The law of attraction

Your thoughts and your feelings,  Are your life in action

What you think about, You bring about

The choice is all yours, Its you who creates

Only you open doors

And this is done, In only one way

Listen carefully to what I say

Visualise exactly all your dreams, Don't be coy

The health, the love, the wealth, and the joy

Take time to do this every day

Feel like your wishes are flying your way

Believe in your thoughts, And not what you see

Positive attitude, Is a state you must be

Ban every fear, ban every doubt

Create in your mind, a negative drought

Form a habit of awareness, Be conscious of your mind

Control your own thoughts, And there's where you'll find

The power with in you, To master your mind

Your dreams coming true

All your great thoughts

You have attracted to you

Its hard at first, you will think you're at war

Fighting off demon's, of your thoughts from before

You have to step out, of your comfort zone

Its positive attitude, that will create your throne

To be king  and creator, of your very own life

Think and feel your way to success 

A life without strife

When your mind is full of woe is me and sorrow

That's exactly what your creating for your tomorrow

But if positive thoughts brim your minds cup

Scientifically proven

That's  the WAY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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