Adam loved Eve

Written by: Mitch White

Once there was a man named Adam
He walked around very alone
Until a loneliness made him fathom
A name for all of these animals
Would truly make this place
Feel much more like home

He started with the green ones
For they had caught his eye
Frog, lizard, toad and turtle
Then doves and eagles flying high
Deer, horse then the wallaby
Trying so hard not to do a pun
He named the floating one, butterfly
Then he started on the blue, on land and sea
Until he finished with the golden sun

At last it was done, he went to the garden
Very tired and hungry, he found a fruit tree
Then heard a voice that was warning him
This one forbidden choose another, thee
No problem as there was plenty
So, he ate some bananas and kiwi

Sleeping sound on grass of green
Until he awoke to a happy laughter
It was Eve, the first person he had seen
He called out, come here and talk
They laughed, they ate and they talked
And while on a long slow walk
Adam showed Eve the beautiful land

The sea and the great rivers
Along with the troubling tree
That stands among the timbers
Forbidden, they can never even touch
They walked around it wondering
Why the tree snake had whispered
"these apples are so sweet" in hush
Adam and Eve had them for lunch
Fell fast asleep in each others arms

Their dreams were of a dark abyss
Banished from the garden, punished
But as the time passed and went on
They were blessed with these two sons
There was Abel, who knew all the animals
And then Cain, who grew the golden corn
It was a very great time for Adam and Eve
So as Cane and Abel grew up strong and tall
They praised and thanked the Holy Lord
Who made the sky's touch the waterfall