Written by: laura Hew

I can already see it.
walking on a sheer floating gossamer wave
where the stars drip from the cieling like hot wax
Your hair sweeping over your eyes like a seductive ballerina
And all I can think about is your beard tracing the curvator of my body. 
Let your your cologne be the treasure map of our once adventurous ecstacy

You bring out the sun of my smile
Cascading my light around the circumfrence of my world like a spotlight
This daydream of mine, brings me such peace
and You whose tuxedo body..... is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Better than that ever of Leonardo Dicaprio or George Clooney
You are Apollo's finest work of art
You mortal Renoir
Your body is the epitomy of masculinity 
Your arms are stronger than that of the ancient oak
I like a sleepy mischevious cat, is just dying to fall asleep in them
But oh from so high, how will I ever climb down again?

You have a bottom like a warrior
Yes I have taken notice of it....
You are built for the wieght of the world
Your chest holds the rythmic life Snare Drum
I am mesmorized by the cavity where the angelic source of laughter derives from

No I am not ashamed
Walking next to you is like.....trying to walk behind a King
when I am only but a french maid