Our Word

Written by: casper chubs

Now participate in the rage
We collaborate in the riot
We can break free from this cage
The revolution cant keep quiet

Lose the loss and in particular love
For there is no room for this is the cold
We are what the fire beneath is made of
Through the future its our message thats told

Get them to give in to our tremendous force
Let them retreat while we fight until we're dead
Because straight to the underground is our course
Its for the people behind us that we have bled

And the riot is only to speak for the unheard
A comfortable gathering for a similar cause
Its the prayers that my people have answered
The prayers of freedom from these oppressive laws

And we will bring this nation ultimately to its knees
We can make this oppression and corruption cease
And our word will travel to all lands over foreign seas
But that word is not of war because we speak of peace