Senior Alphabet Soup

Written by: Ruth Meyer


The letters that tumble are
All out of order
But into the soup pot-
It just doesn’t matter

There’s HBP, RLS, DM
And then…
Here comes some more…
Don’t let them in!

Before the lid’s on…
A few more jump in!
And OA and LE
Don’t make me thin!

Of alphabet soup
I’ve had my fill
Cause each one comes
With a brand new pill.

So on NS
With all my friends
I’ll shake my tail feathers
So no more jump in!

And in return
My support will be
Always there 
For GOs like me!

This poem was written while being on a forum called ,” Golden Oldies” or GOs
NS-NutriSystem     HPB-High Blood Pressure     RLS-Restless Leg Syndrome     DM- Diabetes
OA-Osteoarthritis     LE-Lymphedema