Written by: Kim Hilliker

                      It’s not fully accredited for all and to the extent
                                        A teacher does
                        For a child, all that will be and for an adult,
                                          All ever was

                        It should no longer be ignored that a teacher
                                            Shapes a life
                             The scope within the duty far extends 
                                           Degrees of rife

                          They are literary prophets that instill a 
                                            Code of ethics
                       And they equally accept both the “norm” and
                                            The eccentrics 

                            Despite common theories, there is no 
                                             Teacher’s pet;
                           For, judgment not they pass, but it’s the 
                                         Willing that they let

                     They earn and deserve much respect; yet, they
                                         Do not demand it
                      What morally they teach, imperfect homes steal
                                             Like a bandit

                          No, they are not supreme authority on how
                                          It’s supposed to be
                          But, they try damn hard to teach our children
                                             For you and me.