Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

As we go through our youthful lives unknowingly
each day is a delicate future memory of the past.
Time that has been shared in the present with 
loved ones has drifted to our future memories.

This drifting time space from present to future
has been stolen or lost to the awaiting time bandits.
Why did we not cling to each forgotten day's existence
so tightly as never to be stolen or allowed to be lost?

Suddenly an unexpected beautiful memory finds her way 
to your present day galaxy of thoughts in your being.
You are reminded of all those joyful past present days
and you embrace them...threats...the bandits are lurking.

There is still time to resist and keep them afar forever.
Now older, you grasp each day as you breathe each second.
This most precious person will evermore remain in 
my cherrished and loving present future memories.