Written by: Arcene Janvier

It can be mushy and gushy, so soft and smushy 

It tingles and tickles, and sometimes it prickles 

It laughs, it smiles, and then sings aloud 

It screams, it cries, it shouts and then it sighs 

It hurts, it's nice, it's mean and then makes 'em serene 

It cuts, it bleeds and then it needs 

It's hot, it's cold and sometimes out-of-control 

It's old, its new, and it makes 'em miss you 

It's far, its near, and it makes you cheer 

It's wonderful, its magical, and oh--so fantastical

It's rough, its tough, its hard and then mellow 

It squiggles and jiggles, and makes your heart giggle 

It's lovely, it's kind, and it's so very divine 

It's forbidden, it's forsaken, and then it awakens 

It's chill and it fulfills, wow...what a thrill...