To capture the essence of first love lost

Written by: Brandon Basson

Before we met I was an infant teething
You raised me to explore destitute feelings
The joy and the tears, these were my best years
I thank you for the chance to express all my fears
For showing me the ropes of love and living
For being my compass on the road towards giving
For taking in stride the hardships of growth
For happy times helping us both to cope
For hope and assurance you’ll always be there
For knowledge and security, you’ll always care
But hanging in the balance was our incompliance
And hanging in the air was an unspoken silence
We settled for each other much too early
And closed the door on possibility
The fear got the better, the loneliness old
We both deserve better as the future unfolds
The rose of passion has withered and died
Embedded compassion earned the right to cry
The time has come, as we knew it would
Consensus of soul mates, ‘though misunderstood
It’s hard and I’m saddened that we grew apart
I’ll release you, but never the roots in my heart
Petals in love streams of life still flow
And seedlings may sprout for all we know