God Blog

Written by: Norman Purvis

I believe in God.  because someone must have created earth and man.
There is a reason for everything on earth.
He created us in his own image.
The reason could be that he must comply with a universal rule "to increase or decrease"
Or to find the Son of God. a perfect human being without sin.
Every human being is examined by God at death for the answer. 
Maybe Jesus Christ was he?
But he did cry out "Why hast thou forsaken me oh God"
Did Jesus fail the final test  on the cross?

When God does find his Son.
The end of time will come.
A minuit will be the same as a millenium  years.
This explains the truth of reincarnation.
Space will end, we will all be as one without any separation between us.
Come soon  Son of God. how wonderfull it will be.
When you die the question will be asked  are you the Son God ? 
You may be reborn or end.
No thought of hell or punishment will be administrated by God.
We must set an example show the way make our children children of God.
We must live in a Godlike way.
Norman Purvis.