Here Comes The Silent Spring

Written by: Mathieu de Casanove

Laying still on the ground you can hear a distant echo,
They say a tidy holocaust, a blackness in the tomorrow.
An eternal sleep set on the drawing of breath,
No great judgment, just a quiet walking death.
That in goodly and ignorant steps took like a panther.
Stealth and lowly crept and sunk it's teeth deeper,
And more deadly than any sort of furious war.
In paleness and horror human ideology crashed to the floor,
History ceased and sent it's last broadcast into space.
And in time now we hear the sound-waves keeping pace,
Like synchronised watches an echo from the years to come.
In shuddering earth you can certainly hear the silent spring,
A haunting voice in the mind of every living thing.
Here comes the silent spring, no worry, no joy, no fuss.
A whispered prayer, oh why have the gods forsaken us.