Monarch / Matriarch

Written by: Andrew Gallagher

Walk in the garden; the season has changed.

The flowers are gilded like jewels on a bride,
and nectar feeds the honeybee’s heart!
The branches are girded with chrysalis bells
which chime in the breeze of the monarch’s departure.

Fly with flourishes of royal tapestries!
Whisper to the wind which bears you up,
as the cooing of a mother unto swaddled child
of then’s and now’s and what-will-be’s!

O see at this hour your bright coronation!
Rise with the crowns of woven pollen, 
suspended on high in the sky’s cocoon,
with wings like roses preparing the way!

Sing the journey!  Hum with the wind!
You and your heart are of the same;
of light which makes all substance beautiful,
part of the part that at first was all.