You'll All Know When I Die

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

You'll All Know When I Die.
Ya wanna know why?
Because I possess what many would see as amazing abilities,
but these abilities of mine can be attained by anybody
who takes the time to learn, practice and read.
Do you know that I can trace any computer users actual physical locality?
I never would but I could easly.
It's as easy as tracing a phone call with Caller ID.
There isn't a system that any computer hacker can't infiltrate easily,
but there are precautions one can take for their computer's and their own personal safety.
For example use public computers at varying different localities
and that will make a computer hacker stalker's finding you an impossibility.
There is also out there a lot of diversion computer technology.
This will keep any hacker too occupied to get a fixed trace temporarily.
Log off within a specific time period and the hacker's trace will end unsuccessfully.
Which brings me back to the beginning, You'll All Know When I Die
because when I know it's all over for me, I'm gonna leave you all with a great surprise.
It's time for a Revolution in my once great country
being destroyed by political bureaucrats and corporations motivated by greed,
so just before I die for all of you I will leave
a new beginning for my once great magnificent country.
I will infiltrate the IRS computer system with a virus successfully
and wipe out every social security number of every citizen in the country.
You can then all not pay your taxes without fear of losing your assets and property.
Of course all this information can eventually be retrieved
but it will take generations for our government to achieve.
I only hope that my parting gift will be a rebirth and not destruction of my country,
but if something doesn't change soon in my once great country
The United States of America will self destruct anyway eventually.