The Belief in any will to feel

Written by: Jessica D'Agostino

Did hope arrive?
Shall I be survived.
In this world of ours,
love lives. It's alive.
So soon does it come.
So sure, will it stay?
For this feeling I've found.
I'd never dream to throw away.
Do I believe?
Shall I think false.
I listen to the silence in these walls,
for they speak to me.
When everything isn't right.
In the blink of an eye,
You will see the shine in your light.
Am I free at last?
Will true love find me?
Is it as high as a mountain,
or as deep as the sea?
Please follow me through,
my heart needs more.
Than pain and grief;
that's all I'm asking for.
No shadow of doubt.
For I feel inside..
No need to cry,
only tears of joy.
And the tears may come;
from emotions I feel.
And my soul deserves some.