Written by: Jessica D'Agostino

Sitting here, just wondering.
What did I do wrong?
Do you prefer the attention from others?
Did you not love me, all along?
You said how deeply you felt for me.
Was that truly all a lie?
I tried to shed my tears today,
But over you, enough I've cried.
My heart can't take much of anymore pain.
For you, I thank you much.
You knew in the past, I went through hell.
With that, you gained my trust.
Now that's lost and someone else
may want to gain it, from me.
But that poor fellow will go through hell,
because my heart's a stone, you see.
You broke down my wall and now it's back.
Stronger than ever before.
The love I had for you still remains..
But now my heart is a barred up door.