Undying Love

Written by: Steve Harvell

My heart pours out tears of pain. 
Tears of love as I find myself deeply in love. 
It cries loud with a roar to which echoes canyon walls. 
It is down deep I find you tugging at it hard. 
As you I see beside me for life. 

It’s there I picture you in my mind. 
Washing you down as the bubbles run wild. 
Feeling your curves as I want you near. 
It’s there my hands pleasure all of your needs. 
As I feel you meet all of my pleasures in life. 

It is the love you make me feel in my heart. 
That of a woman far away but not near enough to touch. 
That of your lips I feel touching mine. 
As I find my passion unwind. 
As I find myself dripping wet. 
From the shower we share. 

It is your words that my soul hungers for. 
The love we share as two becomes one. 
It is your skin next to mine I want. 
As we sleep a peaceful dream in the night. 
And you there forever in life. 

It is the look of you lying there asleep. 
Or perhaps it’s your eyes I see that I fall in deep. 
All I know is I love you dearly. 
As I feel my heart start to bleed. 
As you my undying love is beyond belief. 

It is there I tingle with just the touch of your fingers to me. 
As we embrace a true love that is meant to be. 
As I give my heart to you forever in life. 
Knowing that this is true love for life. 
And having you is what kills me most in this world. 
Just because you are the most beautiful to me. 
It’s there you have all my undying love of the heart.