A Drug Test

Written by: Danny Nunn

Those who enforce and make our laws
Must be of sound body and mind, that is not impaired
To administer The Law, justly and fairness to all
Protect the honest, not mingle with outlaws
We have the best legal system in the world, does not need to be repaired
But only as good as the ones that carry the ball

Like those in the medial field, they take an oath
Promise to care for all, not just those they choose
As we are a great land, we should have the best
As for the bad ones, we  need to cut out that growth
If we do not, in the end we will loose
A very simple and cost effective cure, is a drug test

To get and hold a job, we all have to take one
So why should they be any different?
Where I have been, if you did not take one, you were fired
If one's mind is altered, should he or she carry a gun?
This is the message that needs to be sent
If they do not take one, they are not hired

So what is done to the little man should be done to the big man
They maybe the law, but no one is above the law
If any should fight this, the first sign of failure
And a sure fire way to protect every American
In every state, drug test those in law
Then we can sleep better every night, that is for sure