Written by: laura Hew

I Passed out on the couch while the Friends song is on.
She said first you must love yourself, before you can give yourself to someone else.
My singular identity withstanding tragedy.
With only one life to live, you have to work hard to attain oppertunities 
I wonder whether people consider what it would be like
to become a human stonehedge??
Because that is the type of person, that could withstand just anything.

What I really want is to take a walk hand and hand with my faults
Have a moment with my confidence and Pride. 
Tell them that I love them and always to come out whether the world is rain or shine.
I want to tickle my shy, and chastize the sound of my dreary sighs
I want to set my sails high, so Posidon will blow his heaving breath pushing my doubts and 
self pity away

I feel like a young Galileo. 
Staring at the sun, while all the others played jauntingly along
It's going to take so long......
I have a foot race with me and only the course of time