Written by: Rae :

I shouldn't have let myself
Fall down to the ground
Because now everywhere I look
You are all around.

I really didn't mean to like you
I would've helped it if I could
But I don't know if I want to 
Or even if I should.

I like it when you make me laugh
And I like not wanting to cry
I like feeling happy
And not wanting to die.

The things you say to me
Make my heart skip and fly
But I'm still so confused
Should I even try?

I mean the last person I liked
Hurt me oh so bad
And everyday since then
I have been completly sad.

I did things I wish I hadn't
Said things I wish I could take back
I regretted everything I did
And my life was not on track.

Now I'm afraid to open up
Scared to let you in
I don't want this to be a battle
I can't let you win.

If you do you'll break my heart 
I can guarentee
And then I'll be back where I started
Longing to be free.

So yes I do have feelings for you
Ones I cannot deny
But I don't want to get hurt
And that will happen if I try.