My All

Written by: Rae :

I get all my books, thinking today will be bad.
Then I dropped everything, making me more than mad.

I would not smile, because I hate days like these.
Nothing goes right and I ask “something good please?”

Exactly when I asked, God became a generous donor.
My whole entire world had just turned the corner.

When our eyes met, it was like someone turned a dial.
The frown on my face, turned into a huge bubbly smile.

I really tried to stop it, yet I forgot everything bad,
It was just an effect that only he had.

He flashed his smile, as he came closer to walking by.
Suddenly all was good, and I felt my heart fly.

Then he said hi, as quickly as he came and went away.
Although it wasn’t much, it really made my day.

When he’s out of sight, I throw myself against a wall.
Embracing this wonderful feeling, knowing he’s my all.