your touch

Written by: Travis Tapley

to be held in your arms
the stroke of your fingers
through my hair
to feel your touch

such a simple thing

yet i long for it and 
the ache inside of me
tells me with each breath
you are my heaven
the desire i have known
inside my soul even
before my existence

i can feel you with
each word you speak to me
every time you say my name
my heart wraps around
the wind and clings to you
pulls you into my embrace

give me your touch
let me taste the 
sweetness of each finger
as they brush my
starving lips
nourish this desire that 
rages inside for you

my passion is a flame
that hungers for you
only to be quenched
with your body next to mine

yes my love i ache for you
will you come to me and


this pleading inferno
that can only be satisfied
by your sugary touch